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About Us

Quotespace.com is a place that gives you the best experience of traveling through time machine of various quotations.

We are not just a collection of quotes: we are a very well organized collection, like the National Library.

Everyday, we look through the most popular and reputable sources - from The New York Times to Esquire magazine - then handpick and add them.

For those of you who are in love, for those who have or not have luck in love, for the all true sad love, for life, for inspiration, for all that makes life. We believe that each of you will found yourself in the individual quotes.

A good quote connects people—from those looking for words that soothe, to share with a loved one, or to understand the world better, to people hoping to portray a specific truth in an essay, on social media, or even a birthday card.

If you ever want to contact us . please Send us a note at: goodgoodyang@Aliyun.com.